Concessions Opportunities

If you would like to earn money for your team, consider working the concession stand at home football games!

  • $300/shift grant to team’s school account
  • You may take part in the 50/50 at the team’s discretion
  • Additional proceeds from 50/50 will go to the team

Each shift needs at least 2 adults (coaches and/or parents) and 6-8 student athletes. Some teams break the shift into 2 time slots. That is fine with us as long as there are enough people present the entire time. There is always a booster member present to guide the process. Only one game per team per season, until all teams have had the opportunity to sign up.

**Reach out now for Fall 2024!!!

Request for Funding

Request for monies must be submitted in written form by that activity’s club representative 7 days in advance of the monthly booster meeting, which takes place the first Thursday of each month. Click here for the request form. The activity representative will be contacted if this item will be added to the agenda, and asked to come to the meeting to make request. The request shall be voted on by the membership at a regular monthly meeting.

All funds approved by the Club for disbursement to a team or club must go through the Booster Club Treasurer. The Treasurer will provide a check to the account managed by the Central High School Administration for Central High School Teams and Clubs.

*Please note, if funds requested are for items that should be supplied by the City of Manchester, please provide an explanation.

Little Green Award

The Little Green Award is presented to senior varsity athletes in good standing, nominated by their coaches based on team spirit, positive school attitude, good sportsmanship, and leadership skills. The Little Green Committee reviews the coaches’ nominations and discusses the content of the nominations as well as the character and school presence of the nominees before selecting one boy and one girl recipient of the Little Green Award for each season.

Each coach-nominated student-athlete is recognized at the sports awards night at the end of each season (fall, winter, spring). Nominated students receive a framed certificate with an engraved plate indicating their name and sport.

The Little Green Award recipients also are recognized at the sports awards night and receive a plaque commemorating their selection as the Little Green Award recipient.

The Little Green Award voting committee is comprised of 2-3 Booster Parents who do not have a senior in school, teachers, and some off-season coaches. The voting committee changes each season. To assist your athlete in being more competitive, please feel free to include extra-curricular activities, grades, or any other information about that athlete that would help advocate for them. There are times when two athletes are almost identical and we use that extra information to assist us in choosing the winner. You may write the nominations in letter format vs. filling in the boxes on this form, although if you choose letter format please use the form as a guide.

Nominations are due within two weeks of the season ending.

The Booster Club is grateful for all you do for Central Athletes!