Board of Directors

President: Trish Bouthot
Vice President: Kay Mulcahy
Treasurer: Shelly Swanson
Secretary: Natasa Friedland
Scholarships: Open
Members At Large: Kay Mulcahy, Karen LeClerc, Erin Maning, Amy Duval, Trish Bouthot, Gabie Zolla, Stephanie Currier
Big Money Raffle Committee: Karen LeClerc, Erin Manning
Concessions Committee (3): Open (rotating)
Marketing/Website (3): Kierstead Grondin
Sports Awards Night/Little Green Awards Night(3): Lauren Dupaul

Currently looking for committee members for Scholarships, Big Money Raffle, Marketing/Public Relations/Website, and Sports Awards Nights. Please reach out to a current member or complete the form below to find out how you can help! Email:

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