With an end to the pandemic finally in sight, sports are beginning to regroup and teams are beginning to rebuild chemistry. With the addition of new freshmen, and the loss of seniors, teams run into challenges regardless of pandemic protocol. This is no different for the Central Softball team, who have had a struggling season thus far. With last year’s season being cancelled altogether, the responsibility fell not only on Coach Ashley, but on captains Rania Barton, Laura Touringny, Catherine Jones, and Abigail Heath to prepare new players for games.

Currently standing at 1-10, Central softball has had its fair share of struggles this season. Captain Rania Barton says, “Given few on the team have played at the competitive level, I would say we are competing and putting up a fight against some good teams.” Barton also mentions how practices have been more like lessons, and how she is grateful for her coach, as well as her co-captain Abigail Heath. “Both Abby and I are batting around .500, which really helps the girls want to get a hit when they see us do it nearly half the time.” As team captain, Barton certainly has high hopes for the future, along with trust in her teammates that the best is yet to come.

Rania will not be alone however, as she has her fellow junior captain Abby Heath to lighten the load. Abby is also in high spirits for the future of the team. She says, “We still have things to work on as a team but I’m very proud of everyone on the team for who they’ve become as players in only a few months.” Abby has also taken up a new position of catcher and has found great success in doing so. With a near perfect fielding percentage, Abby is doing a great job at leading by example on the defensive side of the game. One obstacle that has slowed down the team is not only players being unfamiliar with the sport, but also with each other. Abby commented on this issue saying “I think we struggled a lot with chemistry but as the season progressed we have come to know and trust each other a lot more.” Despite their challenges, things are looking up for Central softball thanks to the leadership of the four captains.

The team is also full of young players who are eager to learn as much as they can from their more experienced teammates. Sophomore Hailey Cinfo expressed her gratitude for her captains as well as her coach: “All four of our captains have worked hard to keep up the spirit and help us improve individually and as a team as much as they can … Coach Ashley has pushed us hard to be the best we can be. She works hard to help us work together and help each other out.” Sophomore Kaelly Turgeon also notes how she looks forward to playing with the team in the future. “[Our captains’] enthusiasm has really made an impact on all of us, and I can’t wait for another season.”

Perseverance of the Central softball team is strong and with three more regular season games and a playoff game against Goffstown, all the girls are in high spirits. One thing is for certain, the future is bright for central softball under the leadership of the team’s captains. The sky’s the limit for Little Green Softball.