Although there have been many complications with sports this year due to Covid-19, Central students were lucky enough to participate in spring sports; one of them being track and field. This year’s track team is pushing through and has been having a considerably good season. Many students have been breaking their own timed records and have come close to beating school records. Sophomore Ben Colby is just one athlete who has been working very hard during this track season. Ben has been running the 4×400 meter, with a personal record of 48 seconds. Central High School’s best record for a 400 meter is 48 seconds. If Ben continues to train like he has, he may have a chance to break the school record.

Many students have been commenting that this track season has been unforgettable and overall the best they have done in past years. Freshman, Harriet Barber, stated: “As a freshman, I think I’ve learned a lot from my upperclassmen. Personally, I believe that I have achieved my own goals for this season and I’m looking forward to the next three years on the Central track team.”

This year’s Central track team has progressed enormously compared to the beginning of their season. During practices, each team member has been displaying perseverance, diligence, and hard work. Junior Cyril Anderson shares his opinion on how he and his teammates have been doing this track season: “Our team has been doing really well. We’ve been maintaining personal records and breaking them as well. I am currently doing the 4×400 meter run with my teammates and have consistently been coming in first place. I have also been jumping for the first time in a long time and believe I’m doing pretty well with this event.”

Many team members on the track team have noticed there have been new track members this year and have been beyond excited to be able to work with them throughout the season. Team members have also noticed the increase of students and the overall community of the team. Senior Abby Hudson comments on the obstacles and advantages the team has had this season: “This year’s track team has not only been doing exceptionally well, but has been one of the most fun groups of people to be around. Our team has dealt with many obstacles throughout the season including many injuries, but it’s nothing that we couldn’t handle. Each runner, jumper, and thrower has continued to achieve their personal bests, week after week. We have such a unique group of athletes this year, including many freshmen who will continue to run the program in the upcoming years. I am most proud of the positive attitude our team has, both on and off the track, showing true Central Pride.”

As the season has been coming to an end, the team has been working very hard for the city meet which they will be partaking in. Senior Shelby Normand comments about how she feels about the city meet, the final meet for the seniors on the team: “We have had lots of obstacles to overcome, but I am beyond happy to see the strong central pride across the entire team. I have confidence that our hard work will pay off when we win the city meet on May 22. The freshmen and sophomores I met this year have brought in some amazing new talent and I wish them the best of luck in future seasons.” The optimism and hard work of this team is a credit to these athletes and their coaches as they run toward the future.